Smartphone Pay As You Go Internet {12}

Smart iPhone PlansLike many people around the world I’m an iPhone user. That’s not surprising for those that know me well, as I’ve used Apple products exclusively (for personal use) since 1984. I know that kind of dates me, but I already understand that I’m tigulang. Of course the iPhone has great appeal beyond those that use other Apple products, but for me the tie-in is the key.

So when I decided to make the move to the Philippines it was with relief that I learned AT&T had recently revised their policies to allow unlocking of iPhones for those who had fulfilled their contracts with them. I fell under that rule, and without a lot of trouble I was able to get my iPhone 4 unlocked legally before leaving the US to my new home.
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Free Messaging to the Philippines from the US {0}

The Philippines has always been ahead of the curve, especially compared to the United States, in regards to text messaging. I don’t know if they still hold the title, but they are known as the texting capital of the world. We are rapidly catching up though. Just check with any teenager here. There is a good chance you will get no response on a phone call to their cell, but a text almost always returns a quick reply.

It can be pretty expensive to send an international text from the US. Some plans are better than others, but I believe my AT&T plan charges me 15 cents each way. Thankfully there are many other options now.
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Filipina Self Portrait Photo Phenomenon {8}

Filipina Self Photo

I suspect most of you have a Facebook account. At the very least, even if you refuse to partake in that social giant, you’ve seen it and discussed it. You’ve therefor undoubtably seen a few photos posted there. Some of your “friends” may even post quite a few. Facebook isn’t the only platform for this though. There are a lot of them.

Flickr used to be be quite popular, but it seems the latest venues are things like Instagram, Pinterest and even a number of ones dedicated specifically for showing photos on Twitter. Yes, there are any number of ways to get your photos published. And when I say “your” photos, I mean photos of you.
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