step down transformer

Chinese Vitamix Clone Dies A Quick Death {5}

St-767 stripped gear

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve got it figured out, start tooting the value of something, and then it craps out? I do and to those I led astray, sorry about that.

I’m sure the heat must have something to do with it, that and shoddy materials, but things do not last long here. At least not for me, so far. Yes, that CHEAP, as in inexpensive, as in poorly made, Vitamix knockoff has died.

Mixed Voltages – Watt to Do {15}

As most of you know, or will find out when you visit the first time, the electricity in the Philippines is 220v instead of the 120v that we are familiar with here in the States. What does that mean to you and me? Well maybe not much if we are just there on a visit, as many electronic things like my laptop and cell phone have adapters that are universal/variable as long as the plugs work. In the case of my laptop, I can get an adapter kit with six AC plugs that work in North America, UK, Continental Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong, so even that isn’t an issue.


Chinese Vitamix Knock Off 220v {13}

Vitamix copy ST-767

Last year or so I wrote about my green smoothies, and how I was enjoying getting into those. It is really exciting for me as I look towards my eventual retirement in the Philippines, because frankly it had been a little difficult to see how I was going to eat healthy there. The change of my diet to these smoothie (or shakes as they are known as there), allows me to take advantage of one the true benefits of the Mindanao region, the abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables.

At the heart of my smoothie making is the Vitamix blender. I have an older model – Total Nutrition Center VM0103. I do have plans to take that with me, if it’s still running, when I finally make the move. The problem with it is the voltage, which I’ve touched on before. In anticipation of that I have plans to use a 2000 watt step up/step down transformer, as the Vitamix consumes 1380 watts at peak. I consider this a temporary, or back up, solution.