Internot Philippines {8}

Internot Philippines

While the rest of the world has this thing called the internet, the Philippines has their very own version, which I have dubbed the Internot. Not cheap, not fast, and not at all reliable. Even when it is working it’s not robust enough to handle much of what the internet is being used for and where the net is going.

I had high hopes, and still do I suppose, that things would improve with regards to the internet in the Philippines by the time I were to retire there. Well, things have improved, at least in theory, since I’ve first started visiting there, but in many ways they really haven’t.
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Maayong buntag {5}

I’m about a month into my Bisaya lessons. With a few exceptions it seems to be going well. Bebe, my maéstra (teacher), is very good at what she does. She is also very patient, which is very much needed in my case.

As I mentioned previously, there were quite a few details to work out. What time (15 hour time difference), what software to use, how to make payments, etc.

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Wait a minute, where are the books — ? {7}


A guest article from Jack Emery. Jack splits his time between Davao and Samal Island, having moved here a couple of years ago from Arizona. He also has his own website at Jack In Davao.


People sometimes ask me what I miss the most from Arizona, now that I live in the Philippines. For me, the answer is easy: the public library. (A close second would be Mexican food.)

In 1993 my wife and I seriously considered moving here to Davao permanently. We even came over and lived here for six weeks as a kind of test drive. No internet then, no bookstores that carried foreign books – the best you could do was a few foreign magazines. No Skype or Magicjack, either, back then long distance to the U.S. was about 80 cents a minute.
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Still Thinking About Internet in Davao {18}

I’ve been doing my research. Not that I don’t have anything better to do, but I need something to take my mind off the tasks at hand, at least once in awhile.

This internet in the Philippines is a complicated thing. Yes, things have gotten much better in the last five years or so, but it’s anywhere from clear as to who is the best service provider. Some will swear by the one they are using, while others will swear at them. One provider might be good in one area of the country or city, but far from it in another.
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Free Messaging to the Philippines from the US {0}

The Philippines has always been ahead of the curve, especially compared to the United States, in regards to text messaging. I don’t know if they still hold the title, but they are known as the texting capital of the world. We are rapidly catching up though. Just check with any teenager here. There is a good chance you will get no response on a phone call to their cell, but a text almost always returns a quick reply.

It can be pretty expensive to send an international text from the US. Some plans are better than others, but I believe my AT&T plan charges me 15 cents each way. Thankfully there are many other options now.
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