Samal Island ferry

Paradise Island Resort {8}

Paradise Island Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is a linchpin of Samal Island Resorts. Long known for its white sandy beaches and brilliant blue waters, it has grown into a full fledged entertainment destination. Located in Calilic, Babak, Paradise Island is just a short boat or ferry ride from Davao to the resort park.
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New Samal Island RORO Port Announced {2}

Samal Island RORO Ferry

It appears Samal Island is set to receive another RORO (Roll On Roll Off) ferry port. The new port will serve the east side of the island and connect with Pantukan on the mainland of Mindanao. This had been rumored earlier this year, but so have many other projects on Samal Island, including the infamous Samal-Davao Bridge. I have to wonder now if a bridge is even needed, with two ferry routes soon serving Samal.

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