Philippines transportation

Aircon Jeepneys – L300 {4}

Mitsubishi L300

A couple of my goals during my last visit to the Philippines were to see much more of the Davao region, and to try to experience things as though I were living there, instead of as a tourist. Those two goals may sound as though they are conflicting, and to some degree I suppose that’s true. Regardless, one of the ways I tried to combine the two was to take local transportation, whenever possible, to these various sties and attractions, instead of the taxis that I’ve grown accustomed to in the past.

I did get in my share of trike, jeepney and bus rides. I may not be a pro yet, but I certainly got the flavor of the system. I learned that I need to add a little meat and/or some callouses to my back end. It was often quite sore after a day out.
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Multicab for Samal {11}

Gem EL

I saw this GEM vehicle being toted around Spokane the other day, and it reminded of the multicab that I have interest in getting for the day when we finally live on the island. I’d seen something like this before but I thought they were only golf carts. The big difference here is the GEM is electric and costs a lot more than a multicab. Too bad about the cost, it could be a viable option in the Philippines.

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