Extreme Samal – Zipline Adventure {7}

Looking for something more adventurous to do during your stay at IGaCoS or Davao? Extreme Samal just might have the answer for you. The Extreme Zipline Experience looks like a real fun time, and it couldn’t hurt to take a dip if you haven’t quite adjusted to the heat and humidity of the Philippines quite yet.

Here’s the marketing info from their site:
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Central Warehouse Penaplata {1}

Central Warehouse Club Penaplata, Samal Island

The largest store on Samal Island has to be the Central Warehouse Club in Penaplata. If you are familiar with the Central Warehouse stores, then you know they are a one stop shopping experience.

They have the department style store, a complete grocery, and an area with the full compliment of household appliances. This particular outlet also had an interesting selection of motorcycles, new and used, in the common area of the warehouse. The whole warehouse is pretty large, and it didn’t seem like a large portion of the space was being utilized.
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Taking Off the Rose Colored Glasses {7}

As much as I’ve been trying to put off writing this article, I guess I better get it done as the comments seem to be heading more and more in this direction. I just want to state up front that I love Samal Island, and I feel that I’ve been a very strong ambassador for the island ever since I started this blog. Since that time I’ve also learned that if you say anything negative about Samal, you had better beware because someone is going to take it very personally. I don’t wish to offend anyone with my comments here, but I feel I need to be honest, and not mislead.
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