My Love/Hate Affair With GMall Supermarket {17}

GMall Davao

There are a lot of choices for buying your food in Davao. The palengkes are great for fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, etc. There are bread/pastry shops on every corner, and often in between. Even the neighborhood sari-sari/kanderias have items that can get you by. But when it comes to regular groceries I most often go to the supermarket. For the most part the supermarkets are in the malls here. There are some stand alone (Savemore, for instance), but it is not the norm.

We are lucky to have a wide variety of supermarkets to choose from. Each seeming to have it’s own specialties and pricing schemes. Unfortunately you will need to visit the different malls to visit the different supermarkets. At times I do go to each one of them, but I’ve got one that is my favorite. It is also my least favorite.
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Trader Joe’s Spokane {6}

Trader Joe's Spokane

Trader Joe’s Spokane store opened last Friday, October 28th. It was, and still is, a mad house.

For those of you not familiar with Trader Joe’s (no it’s not run by “Hey Joe”), it’s a specialty grocery store that has a lot of unique items, quite a bit of organic, low prices and many items branded especially for them. Actually they are kind of difficult to explain, if you’ve not been to one. This is exactly the kind of place that I will miss when living in the Philippines.
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