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2008 Kadayawan Festival Photos {2}

2008 Kadayawan Festival

The annual Kadayawan Festival is underway and I have lots of photos of the street dancing parade (Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan) to share, courtesy of one of our readers.

The term “Kadayawan” is derived from the Mandaya word “madayaw”, a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, beautiful, good, or profitable.

In 1988, then City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte renamed the festival as “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” to celebrate the bountiful harvest of Davao’s flowers, fruits and other produce as well as the wealth of the city’s cultures. To this day, the festival continues to honor the city’s richness and diverse artistic, cultural and historical heritage in a grand celebration of thanksgiving for all of Davao City’s blessings.

The Kadayawan Festival is an annual event that runs the third week of August. Events are scheduled throughout, so it’s best to check the website for the calendar of which event you may wish to attend. Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan is a highlight of the festival done towards the end. Pamulak Kadayawan is the grand finale of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival, the showing blooming of flowers and ripening of fruits in a floral float parade and competition.
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Samal Island Implements Environmental User Fee {6}

Samal Island has begun charging tourists an Environmental User Fee (EUF) effective April 1, 2010. This will only apply to non-residents visiting the island, including those there availing of the many adventures offered.
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Pearl Farm Beach Resort {4}

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Probably the most well known world-wide, and certainly one of the very best of the Samal Island Resorts is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Nestled on the quiet side of Samal Island, The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a mere 45-minute boat ride from the wharf. This fourteen (14) hectare spread was once a pearl farm, where thousands of white-lipped oysters transported from the Sulu Sea, were cultivated for their pink, white and gold pearls. Today, the resort beckons with the promise of a relaxing, private retreat, under the care of its friendly and charming staff.

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Where’s that confounded bridge? {16}


Note: this is a repeat of an article (comments included) from a year ago. As you can see, despite an occasional mention in a news article, nothing has changed.

Do you think it’s possible Robert Plant was referring to the Samal-Davao bridge, when he uttered those words at the end of The Crunge back in 1973?

Three months to review the already completed study, add in Filipino time (double it) and we’re at about six months since they announced the go ahead. A rash of announced resorts and subdivisions followed (most probably already planned). And here we sit. Well there certainly has been an economic downturn since then, maybe that’s the cause.

Most likely, and this is only speculation on my part, is that the bridge is a long way from seeing anything getting started. Some would say never, or not in our lifetime.

I check the news sites and search google occasionally but I’m not finding anything new at all. Maybe one of the locals there has some insights, but again nothing that I’ve heard about.

Photo credit: Michael Putland via patrishka.wordpress.com

Visit Samal Island Summer Promotion {3}

Visit Samal Island Logo

The Island Garden City of Samal (aka Samal Island) by means of the Samal Island Tourism Council, and in conjunction with the Mindanao Tourism Council (MTC) has announced a series of events with the purpose of promoting the wonder and beauty that is Samal Island.

I thought that was my job, but I suppose I could use a little help from time to time ;-) Really though, it is great to see that the importance of promoting the island is more of a priority than in the past. The events have started already, so get your plans together before it’s too late.
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Mindanao Tourism Map Launched {0}

Mindanao Map

In a previous article, Mindanao Tourism Map, I referenced the building of a new 3-D map to help promote tourism in Mindanao. The initial version of the map was unveiled this past August at the Mindanao Travel and Tour Exposition 2009 (MTTE 2009).

The Mindanao Tourism and Transport Highway Map (MTTH), a 3-D landscaped model map of Mindanao, shows key tourism sites and the major highways, seaports and airports connecting various tourism and key destinations.

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Miss Tourism Samal Island 2011 {0}

The first (?) annual Miss Tourism Samal Island is set to present the Grand Coronation Night on May 14, 2011 at the Samal Gym, Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal. Visit Samal Island has posted a nice promotional video, which you can view here, or on their Facebook page. Read More

Mindanao Tourism Map {22}


One of the (many?) things that I find frustrating about the Philippines, and Samal Island in particular, is the lack of good detailed maps. I’ve always found maps to be a very useful tool. I much prefer them to getting directions, as I like to get a visual in my head.

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