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Mindanao Maps {5}

Mindanao Maps

Given that I have a number of visitors that come to my site searching for Mindanao Maps, and the fact that Mindanao has been in the news so much recently, both locally and internationally, I thought I’d share some of the more useful and interesting maps of Mindanao that I’ve collected.

I don’t own any of these, of course. I’ve gotten them all from the internet. In a couple of cases you can go to the site indicated on the maps themselves and find larger versions. I put up what I thought were large enough files for them to be of use and to not overload the server too much.

Mindanao Tourism Map Launched {0}

Mindanao Tourism Map Launched

In a previous article, Mindanao Tourism Map, I referenced the building of a new 3-D map to help promote tourism in Mindanao. The initial version of the map was unveiled this past August at the Mindanao Travel and Tour Exposition 2009 (MTTE 2009).

The Mindanao Tourism and Transport Highway Map (MTTH), a 3-D landscaped model map of Mindanao, shows key tourism sites and the major highways, seaports and airports connecting various tourism and key destinations.


Mindanao Tourism Map {22}

Mindanao Tourism Map

One of the (many?) things that I find frustrating about the Philippines, and Samal Island in particular, is the lack of good detailed maps. I’ve always found maps to be a very useful tool. I much prefer them to getting directions, as I like to get a visual in my head.

Davao has more available in this area than Samal. But that’s not saying much, as Samal Island has almost nothing¬†detailed¬†other than the one I feature in my sidebar. I have a copy of every map of Samal Island that I could find on my hard drive. It’s not many. I guess one could make the argument that there isn’t much to map on Samal at this time.