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True Cost Of Living In The Philippines {14}

Philippine Flag Flying

Many are the discussions about the cost of living in the Philippines. These often go back and forth, comparing one item or service to another, and then of course the individual situations that differ for each family. The conclusion is always the same. There is no way to compare, excepting with your own situation.

I’ve been known to attempt these comparisons myself. Trying to figure out how much it would cost me to live in the Philippines. This article tells you of my true cost of living in the Philippines after 4 months. It may not be what you were expecting.
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The Value Of Living In The Philippines {10}

New Years 2013 Philippines

As I promised in my earlier article entitled “The True Cost Of Living In the Philippines“, I am following up with a sister article about the benefits or value of life here. At least as seen through my eyes in the almost five months that I have called this home.
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The Best Part Of Living In The Philippines {12}

Retired Samal Island

Last month I passed the one year mark of living in Davao City, Philippines. I thought about writing an article specific to that milestone, but realized that all my articles are about that change. Plus, for some reason, I’ve been busy. Doing what? Well, that’s hard to say.

I had many reasons for moving to the Philippines, just as we all do that make this move. Many of my reasons are the same as others, a few may be different. But thinking about it, there is one reason that outweighs all the others.

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It IS Cheaper to Live in the Philippines {11}

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I could be referring to the economy, politics, life in general, any number of things (that clip from Network is as relevant today as when the movie came out), but in this instance I’m referring to what seems to be the nonsense that I keep reading over and over again on posts/articles, mainly from expats living in the Philippines. For some reason many seem to enjoy spreading the word that things are not cheaper in the Philippines. I don’t live there, yet, but let me tell you this, in case you are confused – IT IS CHEAPER TO LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

I will give them this, there are some things that can cost more there, but even then, what is their reference? As an example, lots of things in Seattle cost me more than in Spokane, and vice versa for that matter. Overall, Seattle is more expensive to live in than Spokane though, and that is one of the reasons I moved here 20 years. Not the only one, though.
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