Jeepney Tips {4}

Jeepney Tips

Jeepney riding is for not everyone. Unless one is doing it just for the experience it’s unlikely that most visitors will take the jeepney. During my vacation visits prior to moving here my most common mode of transportation was the taxi, with an occasional tricycle ride thrown in for those in between destinations that were too far to walk, but not worth the effort and cost of a taxi.

I would say, based off those that I’ve met, that most expats still don’t often take the jeepney even after moving to the Philippines. It’s more likely they’ll have an opportunity to do so once living here, but most I know buy a car and/or use taxis. I decided long ago that I would take the jeepney as my main transportation. I still get in a taxi now and then, but for the most part the jeepney gets me where I need to go. Part of that decision was financial, part because I did not want to drive anymore (at least for awhile), and part of it was to better assimilate myself to the area and culture.

Davao Jeepney Route Map {9}

Davao Jeepney Route Map

I no longer own a car. I sold that when I moved. I have no plans to get a vehicle here, but that may change down the road. It seems it has for many others, and it remains to be seen whether I follow that path.

I take local transportation, trike and jeepney, for the most part. There is an occasional taxi ride thrown in, and a couple of times I have been given rides. Those I’m always very appreciative of, but it’s the jeepney that is my main mode of transportation at this time.

Change is Inevitable {13}

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable, or is it?

If referring to life changes, I think it goes without saying. Change is constant.

If you are looking to get money back from your Philippine Peso, it isn’t a given.