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2014 BI Annual Report {14}

2014 BI Annual Report

It’s a new year, Happy New Year, and time for the visit to the Bureau of Immigration for the Annual Report required for my 13a Resident Visa.

Being that I like to be prepared, and I was close to the office anyway, I stopped by the Bureau of Immigration a week or so ago to check on this year’s requirements. They seem to change every year, and as noted last year, by office. I was pleased to find out they were the exactly same as last year. I secured a copy of the correct Annual Report form and went on my way. I was set to show up after the first of the year with all required paperwork.

I keep forgetting – this is the Philippines, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

The Visa Question {18}

The Visa Question

If there is one topic that every person moving to the Philippines will have to eventually research, it has to be “what to do about a visa”? There is so much information on this subject that I have no intention to try to tackle it again in this article. No, I have a good idea already which visa I would prefer to get.

I wish it was as simple as figuring out which one you want and/or qualify for. That is complicated in and of itself. The fun only begins when you begin to look into the options. As much as some will tell you not to be concerned about it, it does take some thought and planning if you don’t want to be scrambling later on.