Cost of Subdivision Housing In Davao {14}

Subdivisions Davao

I get inundated with flyers for the latest subdivision houses every time I visit the malls. I’m sure everyone does, but they seem particularly interested in me because being white, that obviously makes me an American, and that of course means I’m rich. The logic (OK that’s not fair, logic doesn’t really exist here) that if I were rich and living here, I’d likely already have a nice place, doesn’t enter into the equation. I think they get paid by the number of flyers handed out, as opposed to houses sold, so they don’t really care.

I’ve gotten to the point, when I have time, that I often sit down with them and explain that I can not own land here. They immediately ask if I have a spouse and recommend that I put it in her name. Hmmm, never thought of that! Well, of course I have, to which I explain to them that there is a distinct possibility that I could outlive my wife, and then where does that leave me? I realize that my attempt at explanation is futile, but it pleases me some to some extent.

So anyway, today I decided to grab a bunch of those flyers, make them happy, and report on the current cost of some of these fine units.
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