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Jalapeño Hummus {2}

Jalapeño Hummus

Slighty over a year ago I wrote an article about my attempt to make homemade hummus here in the Philippines. I continued making that in various forms for awhile (American usage of that term), but gave on it up once I got the stomach issues that sidelined me for a couple of months. It took me quite some time after I was feeling better to get back on track.

Of course I had the mysterious death of the Chinese Vitamix Knockoff, so I now resort to using the tired but steady real Vitamix, with a hefty 2000w step down transformer. The transformer weighs a ton, or so, but it’s working out just fine for the intended use. Thankfully I only need to move it around once or twice a week to produce my new and improved hummus.
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Making Hummus in the Vitamix Knockoff {13}

Vitamix Hummus

I ate hummus almost everyday at home in the States. If not with chips or crackers, then on some naan or pita bread. It was quite a staple of my diet, providing good protein and convenience as well.

I haven’t found a source for hummus, yet, here in Davao. I did find some hummus dip salsa at Healthy Options, and it was acceptable, but not real hummus and truly very expensive. I decided before I even moved that I would spend some of my new found free time making my own hummus.
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