Davao International Airport

Airphil Resumes Davao Flights {0}

Airphil Express Plane

In what should be good news for frequent travelers from Davao to Manila, Airphil has resumed flights between the two cities. Airphil Express is a low cost airline that should give competition to Cebu Pacific and Philippine Air for those looking for the least expensive option between Manila and Davao.
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Planning a Trip to Samal Island {8}

Philippines Airlines Jet

Looks like we are FINALLY going to be going back to Samal Island later this summer. It’s been quite awhile for us – since early 2008. I won’t have as much time as I’d like for this vacation, but at least I’m going. There was some doubt about that for the last year or so.

This will be my 5th or 6th trip to the Philippines, and my third trip to the Davao region. For the first few trips I only ventured into Manila, more specifically Quezon City and the surrounding areas. What I’ve learned since traveling to Davao is that it’s much more of a commitment to time and expense. It’s not easy to get to Davao from another country, except possibly Singapore.
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Samal Island Airport {2}

Davao International Aiport

Rarely do I quote an article verbatim. Usually I’ll quote a few paragraphs and comment on them, and then summarize my feelings on the whole thing. This is one article I’ve been holding for awhile. It almost makes me wonder if it is satire.

I’ll let you read it, if you haven’t previously and decide for yourself….
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