Nosebleed {2}

nose bleed

There are a lot of phrases that are thrown around when it comes to foreigners here in the Philippines. I think one of the most famous might be “Hey Joe,” though that seems to have lost some of it’s steam lately.

My current favorite would have to be “nosebleed.” The first time I heard it, I didn’t know what it meant and I didn’t find out right away. Since that time I’ve heard the phrase quite a bit. Given the right situation, I even use it myself as in asking a question. So what is this “nosebleed?”
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He or She {2}

He or SheCommunication deficiencies can, more often than not, be the cause of many misunderstandings. It is difficult enough when two people (supposedly) speak the same language, it is even a greater challenge when native languages are different.

If the words spoken were all that mattered, it would be a much simpler affair, but the meaning behind those words is not always necessarily comprehended in the manner intended. Believing that because your words were understood, but not knowing that the message wasn’t, can compound the problem even further.
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