Chemas by the Sea

Recommended Samal Island Resorts {15}

Samal Island Welcome

As I stated in a previous article, one of the most common requests I get, both from the comments and from email, are for Samal Island Resorts recommendations. The criteria for choosing a resort on Samal remain the same, but after our recent visit I now feel that I have a few that I can give my endorsement to, assuming they meet your needs for location, size, function, etc.
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Choosing a Resort On Samal Island {10}

Samal Island resorts number around 40 or more. So how does one go about choosing which resort is right for them?
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Chema’s by the Sea {13}

With so many Samal Island resorts to choose from, it is often difficult to decide where to stay. I had that problem last year, and the budget I was under contributed to the decision. While I did not stay overnight at Chema’s By the Sea, I did have the opportunity to meet the owner and subsequently tour the resort, including the rooms. I have to admit that I was VERY impressed with Chema’s and personally find it to be kind of a hidden gem.
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