Davao Starbucks {16}

Starbuck’s is coming to Davao, like it or not. So the rumors say. They are planning four locations there, the first being in the new Alaya operated Abreeza Mall, which is due to open early this year. Depending upon your perspective, this could be a good or bad thing.

The are many local Davao coffee shops currently. A surprising amount really. I’ve been to at least four different companies, and to various locations for those companies. They all did an adequate job, and I can’t even tell you what my favorite would be. These are are few that I’ve visited and been happy with:
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WiFi in Davao {2}


It used to be that it was kind of difficult to find internet access around Davao. My first few visits, admittedly many years ago, was a real crap shoot. Even hotels advertising Wifi access often did not have it once you got there. Times have changed.

It started out when the coffee shops began becoming popular in Davao. Some offered free Wifi, but others didn’t at first. Some were still even charging for the use of electricity to run your laptop. Competition took care of all that and shortly almost all the shops were offering free Wifi. A notable exception is the newcomer Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They are charging for internet, and along with their premium prices, well I’ll just go elsewhere, thank you very much.
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