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ONB Samal Island {2}

ONB branch Samal Isalnd

I had posted an article awhile back regarding the opening of an ONB Bank on Samal Island. I was really glad to hear about that, because as far as I know there are no ATM machines on Samal, and the ONB branch was to include that.

Well I’m happy to report that ONB (One Network Bank) did in fact open a branch on Samal. It opened up a little over a month ago, about a week prior to our visit there. Thanks, that was convenient ;-) It does include the noted ATM machine, but unfortunately I was unable to get it to work for me. I believe the problem I encountered had to do with my credit card, as I had difficulties with it elsewhere during the trip.
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Banking On Samal Island {5}

BPI Express Teller

My time on the Samal Island has been limited. There is so much more I’d like (and need) to know about it, and I really want to spend more time there exploring. Not only the sights but the towns, to see what is and is not available.

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