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Philippine Holidays {0}

Philippine Holidays

When I was a child, holidays were pretty cool. There was always something special – fireworks, candy (Easter, Halloween), gifts, great food, etc. Even if it was a holiday for the adults, Mother’s and Father’s day, there was usually cake or a nice meal to enjoy. As I got older those things mattered less.

During my early working years holidays were a break from the monotony of work. That three-day weekend to party and recreate was looked forward to with every bit the anticipation as those childhood years. When I got later into my working career, the holidays became more about a much needed rest. I still looked forward to each and every one, but mostly so I could slow down and relax, if given the opportunity.

Undas – All Saints Day and All Souls Day {3}

Undas – All Saints Day and All Souls Day

There are a lot of holidays in the Philippines. I don’t know how many exactly as it seems to change monthly. There have been two official holidays added since I’ve been here, just under three months.

I used to like holidays when I was a working man. It meant time off with pay. Now that I’m retired I’m not as excited by all these long breaks. It just means more traffic and somehow, even though it doesn’t seem possible, even more waiting in lines. But some holidays are bigger than others.