Davao Agdao Market {8}

Photos from the famous Agdao Public Market in the Agdao District of Davao. Advertised as the cleanest wet market in Davao. One of two large open markets in the area, with the other being Bankerohan on the other side of town.

I am told that products are supplied from Samal Island and Davao del Sur for the most part. This is a very large and popular market with all sorts of goods available, including fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, rice, restaurants, bakeries and any number of electronics, clothing, household items, etc. Anything you could want from a market basically.

The photos are particularly nice as they really reflect the openness and variety of the market. The freshness of the products are very evident, though the raw meat is a little more than I am used to seeing.

There are some real bargains here compared to what you might buy at the grocery type stores. Of course you are always welcome to negotiate, but if you are a foreigner, like me, you might be better off letting your spouse or girlfriend do that for you.

I really enjoy these markets. They are one of the true attractions to the area for me. I will definitely be spending some time there during visits, and they will be a regular stop once I’m retired and living in the area full-time.


Photos courtesy of Ellen.