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Should You Retire on Samal Island {1}

Your choices for a retirement location are endless, money not withstanding, but living in a foreign land may not be for everyone. The Philippines, in particular, has a number of advantages over other countries for the American expat, chief among those being a large English speaking population, and comparitvely low cost of living. I feel Samal Island is an excellent choice for your retirement, if the Philippines is in fact on your list.

So what makes Samal Island such a great retirement location? Here are just a few reasons that I see:
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Extreme Samal Closed? {16}


A fair amount of the search traffic I get here is for the Samal Zipline. Kind of surprising because I only did one article on the Samal Island attraction. Since writing that article the Extreme Samal website has gone down, only reaching a generic Tripod page. All other mention of the zipline has also been removed from the parent site.

I recently received an email that mentioned they had heard Extreme Samal Zipline was under renovation. Even though I tried to contact the owner of the zipline, I’ve not been able to confirm whether that’s the situation or not. It seems likely, but it’s kind of hard to ascertain that from here, especially if the owner won’t respond. If any of the locals there can confirm one way or the other, please let me know so I can update the information.

Extreme Samal – Zipline Adventure {7}

Looking for something more adventurous to do during your stay at IGaCoS or Davao? Extreme Samal just might have the answer for you. The Extreme Zipline Experience looks like a real fun time, and it couldn’t hurt to take a dip if you haven’t quite adjusted to the heat and humidity of the Philippines quite yet.

Here’s the marketing info from their site:
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