Davao Top Ten To Do {7}

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

Okay, this may not be the ultimate Top Ten Things To Do in Davao, but it is MY list for my next trip to Davao.

I have visited Davao several times previously, and when I go this year that will be my fourth. All my trips have had commitments, and time constraints, that have kept me from getting to know the area as well as I’d like. My last trip I wanted to get to know Samal Island better, but I only had a week total for vacation. This time I’ll have two weeks, and I intend to spend time exploring Davao and the surrounding area as much as possible.
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Davao Starbucks {16}

Starbuck’s is coming to Davao, like it or not. So the rumors say. They are planning four locations there, the first being in the new Alaya operated Abreeza Mall, which is due to open early this year. Depending upon your perspective, this could be a good or bad thing.

The are many local Davao coffee shops currently. A surprising amount really. I’ve been to at least four different companies, and to various locations for those companies. They all did an adequate job, and I can’t even tell you what my favorite would be. These are are few that I’ve visited and been happy with:
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