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SEAIR Grounded {0}

Before they even take off with their new Manila – Davao route, SEAIR has been told to cancel all reservations and scheduled flights. Yes, they’ve been grounded.

According to the email I received from Tiger Airways for SEAIR, their competition objected to the new flights, thus resulting in the cancellation of the scheduled routes.
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Samal Seeks Developer Meeting for Casino Resort {0}

The government of Samal Island (IGaCoS) is once again looking to get the old Samal Casino Resort open and is looking for feedback from the developers as to how to go about that. Efforts to meet with the current owners have not yet resulted in a meeting to discuss government’s desire to reopen casino resort.
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Good Housekeeping Award for Samal Island {0}

Congratulations to Samal:

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) XI awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping for local government for the year 2011 this last September at Davao del Norte Provincial Capitol. Island Garden City of Samal is the only city in the region to win the award in recognition of its highly transparent and accountable governance.

This is an important matter as not only does it show that Samal Island is supporting President Benigno Aquino’s initiative, but it also comes with a P3-million prize which can be used by the City as counterpart funds for programs and projects under the Millennium Development Goals.
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Samal Hopes to Avoid Boracay Mistakes {3}

Note: this is a what I hope will become a regular (weekly?) feature of news specific to Samal Island. Mostly from news sources, I’ll have short articles relaying the latest news of the island. I’ve found that my main weekly articles are a struggle between personal, regional and Samal specific content, and I’d like to see if I can’t alleviate that to some extent.


Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Director Arturo Boncato Jr. has been very supportive of Davao, and particularly Samal Island, in the news that has been coming out of the region recently. He is now saying that there is a long term plan being developed for Samal tourism, and from what I’ve heard so far I can say I’m in favor of the approach.
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SEAIR Launches Manila to Davao Flights {0}

Everyone has their favorite, and least favorite, airline to get to the Davao region. Until the “Open Skies” policy is adapted it is pretty likely you’ll be coming through Manila to get to Davao, and on to Samal Island. As of July 2nd of this year you’ll have another option at least.

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) recently announced that it will launch its first domestic jet services from Manila to Davao on July 2 as part of the SEAIR-Tiger Airways Partner Airline Programme.

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Aqua Park Launched at Playa Azalea {5}

Playa Azalea, the joint subdivision project of Landco Pacific Corporation and Anflocor Management and Investment Corporation, recently celebrated the unveiling of the latest addition to the complex, a new aqua park. Evidently it contains a river pool with infinity edge, a first-ever for Samal Island.

Guests, which were boated in, were treated to a party that included jugglers, jesters, a magic show, and a nice selection of snacks. To conclude the ceremonies, balloons were sent to the skies, followed by a Madi Gras parade.
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