Where Are The Addresses {4}

Davao Address

I live in a subdivision outside Davao City. Technically it’s still Davao City, as Davao is geographically the largest city in the Philippines it encompasses a wide area. I think of it more like a suburb though. It’s probably a good thing that PhilPost rarely delivers here, because there aren’t any addresses in my subdivision.

I found the same to be true for most businesses that I tried to find. I started to realize that Google Maps had almost no chance of being accurate if the business was on a long street. Especially one without a cross street nearby. “Center the marker and call it good”, seems to be the rule about 50% of the time.
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Mindanao Tourism Map Launched {0}

Mindanao Map

In a previous article, Mindanao Tourism Map, I referenced the building of a new 3-D map to help promote tourism in Mindanao. The initial version of the map was unveiled this past August at the Mindanao Travel and Tour Exposition 2009 (MTTE 2009).

The Mindanao Tourism and Transport Highway Map (MTTH), a 3-D landscaped model map of Mindanao, shows key tourism sites and the major highways, seaports and airports connecting various tourism and key destinations.

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Hagimit Falls Recreation Complex {8}

I have to admit that I was very surprised by what I saw when I visited Hagimit Falls recently. Everything I had read and seen lead me to believe this was a small, natural attraction on Samal Island. Maybe it once was, but that’s not the case anymore.

It’s a long trek down the cement steps to get to the falls. If I understand correctly, those are newer to the compound but I’m not clear on that. What I know is new is all the building that is going on there. There are Nipa Huts all over. There was what appeared to be rooms for rent. I also saw a sort of bar or tavern structure being worked on. In others words, it was being developed into what I would call a “recreation area” or complex.
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Samal Island Circumferential Road Project Proposed {0}

Samal Map

If you read any of my articles after my return from visiting Samal Island last year you’ll surely remember my feelings regarding the ability to drive around the island. My biggest complaint was the condition of the Circumferential Road, which is the “main” road on the island. Parts of it are paved, but much (most) of it is not.

It seemed to me that road was in even worse shape than I remembered from the previous trip, two years prior. The areas around the subdivision developments were particularly shocking to me, as I expected those would be developed along with the subdivisions, but in many cases these were even worse from what appeared to be the heavy use due to the construction.
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Samal Island Airport {2}

Davao International Aiport

Rarely do I quote an article verbatim. Usually I’ll quote a few paragraphs and comment on them, and then summarize my feelings on the whole thing. This is one article I’ve been holding for awhile. It almost makes me wonder if it is satire.

I’ll let you read it, if you haven’t previously and decide for yourself….
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Holiday Oceanview Samal {2}

Another development underway in IGaCoS is Holiday Oceanview Samal. Located at the very Northern tip of the island in Ilihan, Babak District, this 7 hectares development is the pioneer project of Holiday Properties, the real estate arm of Holiday Business Group. After a successful launch November 7, 2007, initial land development is now over 50% done.

The project consists of four parts: Holiday Oceanview Village (residential), Holiday Oceanview Townvillas (condos/townhouses), Holiday Oceanview Resort & Spa, and the Holiday Oceanview Marina.

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Water Supply Concerns IGaCoS Officials {10}

Potable Water

A stable water supply, due to problems on the standardization of the water system, was identified as the top concern of the IGaCoS City Coalition for TAG (Transparent Accountable Governance) at a recent meeting for the group at Punta del Sol Beach Resort, Island Garden City of Samal. Members of the IGaCoS team, led by City Administrator Cleto Bravo Gales, Jr., are looking into the formulation of a Comprehensive Water Code to address the situation.

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Samal Highlands Garden Resort {4}

Samal Highlands Garden Resort

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a new resort subdivision announced for the Island Garden City of Samal. Possibly the combination of the economy and the the saturation point of the island are the reason for that.

What I always find confusing about these kinds of articles is where they say lots are already sold, but they are still raising funds. It’s a long process to get to the point to be able to sell subdivision lots, as I understand it, so I don’t see how it’s possible to have any sold yet. Maybe it’s just the wording? Possibly they have people committed or invested. I did note that the first phase is a “farm subdivsion”, which may be a way around the issue.

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