This coming August I’ll have lived in the Philippines for two years. The time has gone fast. I’ve had many new experiences – some good, some bad and many in-between. For a variety of reasons the time has come. I’m going on a sabbatical.

According to the dictionary that term may not be technically correct. Maybe a more accurate description would be “I’m taking a break.” The impetuous for my break wasn’t actually my frustration level with living here, but the timing in that regard is good. At least it appears that way.

I’m going to take a trip back to the US to take care of a few matters that would be difficult to handle from here. I’ll stay with my mom and will get to see my sons. Those are all great reasons to be going back. The cost to do so isn’t within my budget, but I’m trying to make it work.

The two-year mark for a taking break from living here seems to be very appropriate, at least for me. I’ll fully admit that my frustration has increased lately. Smaller things are bothering me more, and I find myself speaking out at times when maybe I shouldn’t.

I could go on and on about the things that are bothering me, but who wants to hear that? I know I don’t care for it when I run into expats and all they want to do is complain. I get it, I understand what they are saying – all too well. A little venting is okay as we all need to let off steam. Finding someone who understands the adaptation you are dealing with is also a comfort. But it just doesn’t do any good to dwell on it.

I’m looking forward to my visit. If other’s experiences are any guide I’m probably going to find things aren’t so fantastic in the US either. A different set of frustrations maybe. I hope to have my batteries recharged and come back with a renewed spirit.

Coming back with a few extra pounds from Mexican food isn’t going to hurt the situation either 😉

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