I realized that though I’ve been going to Wynward Organic Vegetable Garden for a few months now, I’d never gotten around to writing about it. That’s unfortunate, because this is really a gem for Davao.

There are other organic farms in the region, but this one is right in Davao City. It’s located in the Regina Compound right behind Abreeza. It’s not easy to find, follow the link above and check out the map. It’s a short distance down the first right (where the tricycles are) as you enter the compound. If you are into organic herbs and vegetables, it’s worth the effort to find it.

My friend Macky was the first to turn me on to this place. I highly doubt that I would have ever found it otherwise. Truly a “hidden” gem.

It’s not only a farm featuring organic herbs and vegetables, it’s also a bistro. The owner, Rodelio Dalisay (a super guy BTW), prefers that you order in advance, but he can usually cook something up for you on the spot, too.

Wynward Organic Farm herbsThe garden has a all your favorites, but he also tries to add those items that you might not find as common here. Some of his tomato varieties are an example. He’s working on growing spinach for me, but I think my seeds were too old. Still he’s been able to get a couple to sprout. I forgot to ask last time I was there, so they may not have survived.

Additionally he’s started cooking whole wheat bread. I was able to get some whole wheat burger buns (for my veggie burgers) and some whole wheat tortillas this week. I get to try the tortillas out tomorrow night when I make my weekly supply of burritos. They look good.

I believe his harvest days are Wednesday and Saturday. You are welcome to come anytime and can harvest your own, if you wish. He’s also willing to try to grow something special for you if you can provide the seeds.

While I’m glad to try to answer questions about what vegetables and herbs he has, it is probably best to contact Rodelio directly.

Wynward Organic Vegetable Garden
Regina Compound, Bajada, Davao City

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