Those traveling across town in Davao would be wise to consider alternative routes as reconstruction of the Bankerohan Bridge (Governor Generoso Bridge II) was finally started a couple of weeks ago. I had the unfortunate experience of crossing it on the day the rehab started. Traffic was so congested that day that I got off the jeepney, just past Matina Town Square, and walked past Bankerohan to catch another jeepney. On a positive note, the walk wasn’t that difficult. Somewhat enjoyable, other than the fact the I was upset for sitting on the jeepney for about an hour to get from NCCC Mall to just past MTS.

Since the work has begun the situation varies from very congested to not really noticeable. It appears they are closing the rehabbed side completely on some days, but only partially on others.

Bankerohan Bridge rehab in DavaoFrom reports that I’ve read they expect this to be be ongoing for five to six months. There is hope that it can be completed earlier, as work is being done 24 hours a day. Now what that means exactly, I don’t know. As in the US if you pass by the site of the reconstruction you might not actually see a lot going on, but that can be deceiving. I’m hopeful they are going as fast as reasonably possible. The effect of this can be quite significant on the public at times.

I was not aware of the condition that the bridge is in, but evidently it is such poor shape that this could not be put off any longer.

“The need for the repair of this bridge is very immediate. It might collapse anytime,” Engineer Alvin Cabueñas of the DPWH 11 said.

For the most part if you plan well and take alternative routes when possible, this won’t cause too much problem. Just remember, you can take off on foot. It make might actually be good to get that exercise!

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