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Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards

I’m pleased to announce a new Bisaya flashcard offering, Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards. This set uses the excellent Anki Flashcard software that is compatible on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. A great feature is the ability to sync your progress across all your devices.

There are over 800 phrases and words with native Audio included for each Bisaya phrase or word. The content consists of the most commonly used phrases, covering over 40 subjects. Master these words and phrases and you will be well on your way to conversing in everyday Bisaya. This is an excellent companion to the full language courses, or as a stand alone study to get you up and going quickly with common terms.

Topics include:

    I. Greetings and Leave takings on the Street

II. Visiting a Home

III. Asking Peers for Biographical Information

IV. Introducing Oneself to Elders or Officials

V. Asking for and Giving Directions

VI. Buying and Bargaining at the Market

VII. Shopping at a Department Store

VIII. Extending an Invitation to a Meeting As:

(a) Guest Speaker
(b) Participant

IX. Extending an Invitation to a Party

X. Refusing an Invitation

XI. Invitational Expressions

XII. Mealtime

XIII. Looking for a Person

XIV. Making a Telephone Call

XV. Lending and Borrowing

XVI. Time

XVII. Weather

XVIII. On Physical Discomforts

XIX. Expressing Annoyance, Disappointment, or Frustration

XX. Common Courtesies

XXI. Friendly Bantering

XXII. Expressing Faith/Resignation to Fate

XXIII. Making Concessions

XXIV. Expressing Appreciation/Praise

XXV. Miscellaneous Expressions

Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards

XXVI. Direction Words and Expressions

XXVII. Time Words and Expressions

XVIII. Expressing Quantity

XIX. Colors

XXX. Describing People

XXXI. Describing Objects and Conditions

XXXII. Descriptive Words for Clothes

XXXIII. Descriptive Words for Food

XXXIV. Descriptive Words for the Weather

XXXV. Body Parts

XXXVI. Parts of a Plant

XXXVII. Parts of a Tree

XXXVIII. Vegetables

XXXIX. Fruits

XL. Trees

XLI. Animals

XLII. Birds

XLIII. Insects

XLIV. Natural Occurrences and Elements

XLV. Topographical Terms

XLVI. Parts of the House

XLVII. Things in the House

XLVII. Kitchen Utensils

Text Source: US Peace Corps

Sample (reduced):

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve closed the Journey to Samal Shop. Instead I’m offering these through another outlet that should allow more visibility and distribution. Please use the provided links to purchase the flashcards for download.

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