I get inundated with flyers for the latest subdivision houses every time I visit the malls. I’m sure everyone does, but they seem particularly interested in me because being white, that obviously makes me an American, and that of course means I’m rich. The logic (OK that’s not fair, logic doesn’t really exist here) that if I were rich and living here, I’d likely already have a nice place, doesn’t enter into the equation. I think they get paid by the number of flyers handed out, as opposed to houses sold, so they don’t really care.

I’ve gotten to the point, when I have time, that I often sit down with them and explain that I can not own land here. They immediately ask if I have a spouse and recommend that I put it in her name. Hmmm, never thought of that! Well, of course I have, to which I explain to them that there is a distinct possibility that I could outlive my wife, and then where does that leave me? I realize that my attempt at explanation is futile, but it pleases me some to some extent.

So anyway, today I decided to grab a bunch of those flyers, make them happy, and report on the current cost of some of these fine units.

Since the kiosks are all lined up together, I was able to grab a selection from low income to high end quite easily. I’m not going to guarantee that what I got is the lowest out there (but I think there’s a good chance it is) or that the high end are the best/most expensive you can get. I just want to give a basic idea of what you can expect. I would think that someone with a lot more energy than me could write a lengthy, detailed article to that effect, that of course would be out of date the minute it was published. I hope that is useful as a guideline for this point in time.

Please note that some, maybe all, include open areas in the floor square meters. That means carport, porch etc. are included. So yes, they may be even smaller than it appears. Some don’t have porches or carports, so best to research.

I’ve given the low and the high, with as much information as I had. There are selections in-between these two prices, having to do with lot size, floors plans and other factors.

Deca Homes Resort Residences
Tacunan, Mintal, Davao

This is the lowest I could find. I was told their flyer pricing is out of date (read you are not Filipino, therefor we are going to charge the skin tax), so I was only able to get the current price of the cheapest one.

Please note this is 40-60 minutes outside of city proper, going northwest towards Calinan. The furthest away from the city and/or reasonable shopping of all of them.

Regular Bungalow – 2 bedroom, 1 bath
Floor area – 35.10 sq.m.
Lot area – 80 sq.m.
P823,000 (less 3% cash)

Prime Loft Type – 2 bedroom, 2 bath
Floor area – 60.6 sq.m.
Lot area – 100 sq. m.
P1,370,000 (this is not the current price but reflects the flyer price)

Chula Vista
Cabantian, Buhangin

This is also out of town, but the other direction towards the airport. Would be closer to malls, etc. but still require a trip.

Calma Model – doesn’t list rooms
Floor area – 32 sq.m.
Lot area – 108 sq.m.

Biza Monte Model
Floor area – 92 sq.m.
Lot area – 108 sq.m.
P 4,023,096

Camella Davao
Communal, Davao

Close to the airport off P. Garcia Highway. Closest mall would be SM Lanang.

Reana – 2 storey, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath
Floor area – 40 sq.m.
Lot area – 42 sq.m.

Elaisa Model – 2 storey, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath
Floor area – 97 sq.m.
Lot area – 110 sq.m.

Villa Conchita
Bago Gallera, Davao

Libbey road, past Amiya and the Apo Golf and Country Club. From Kisan Lu Lands Inc.

Nina Model – 2 bedroom, 1 bath
Floor area – 60.64 sq.m. (39.43 enclosed)
Lot area – 132 sq.m.

Selene Model – 3 bedroom, 2 bath
Floor area – 115.67 sq.m. (don’t have details on enclosed)
Lot area – 180 sq.m.

Amiya Resort Residences
Libby Road Puan, Davao

Also form Kisan Lu Lands Inc. Very near Apo Golf and Country Club. Still out of town, but an easy commute to the west side amenities.

By far the nicest on my list. It’s got a swimming pool, fitness gym, restaurants, coffee shop, sports complex, jogging track, and much more. My flyer didn’t list the prices of the total package, only the lots. They started at P1,900,000 and went up to P3,529,120.

I found these prices online, which include the lot:

Ariza A Model – 2 bedroom, 2 bath
Floor area – 107.35 sq.m.
Lot area – 200 sq.m.

Rosea Model – 3 bedroom & 3-T&B, 1 Guest Room w/T&B, Maid’s Quarter w/T&B
Floor area – 286.10 sq.m.
Lot area- 500 sq.m.

So there you have a quick and dirty summary of what’s available here. There are many, many more but my intent was just to give you an idea of size, area, and price. If you are serious, I’m sure you’ve been researching already or have an agent doing so for you. If not, you just got started.

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