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Samsung Customer Service Plaza

2013 May 22

Samsung Customer Service Davao

I spend enough time writing about the poor service that I get here. I will say that while it’s generally pretty bad here, there are occasions where I am surprised. And there are certainly times when I’ve had bad service in the US, too. I’m currently going through that with a company that I’m trying to order a custom speaker from.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about a good experience I had here just recently. Really it was not what one might call extraordinary, just that things went as one would hope or a little better, and the employees were helpful and knowledgable.

It started when our one year plus Samsung television’s remote died. I can’t figure out what happened. One morning it was working, that afternoon it wasn’t. Of course it seemed like a battery issue, but after trying several new sets I ruled that out.

I found a nice video tutorial on YouTube (what doesn’t have a video tutorial there?) and thought for sure I cold cure the problem. It seemed to be an issue of scrambled codes, and a reset would fix it. The reset consisted of pulling the batteries out, and hitting every single button for 3 seconds. Well a few attempts at that, and I knew that wasn’t going anywhere.

I proceded to see what I’d need to do to get a new one. I knew they wouldn’t repair them, and I was right about that.

First I looked online. Product availability online in the Philippines is unfortunately very limited. In the US there is virtually nothing I can’t get online. Here there isn’t much I can. I found through Amazon that they were going for about $25 for a new replacement. I figured I might have to pay up to double that here, as that’s the way it usually goes. I was prepared to get a generic universal if the cost was in fact $50.

Second I looked up Samsung repair in the Philippines. Samsung has a nice site and lists several locations for repair. None of them seemed to be Samsung Repair Centers, but third party ones. I wasn’t too excited about that but I took note of the closest one and decided to visit on my next trip out.

Somewhere along the line I visited the store where we purchased the TV, prior to making it to the third party service center, and they informed me that there was in fact a Samsung Customer Service Plaza near Davao Doctor’s Hosptial. That sounded much better than the third party one.

Additionally, as I still hand’t made it there yet, I found another Samsung run service center near Victoria Plaza, but they were closed (for lunch?) when I tried to stop in. So I made my way to the one on Quirino.

To my surprise there really wasn’t any line to speak of, just two people at the counter and I was next. Of course a filipina came in while I was waiting and managed to cut in front of me, so I waited a little longer. Why they do that, I’ll never know. Maybe they are tired of spending their lives waiting, waiting….

Anyway, once up to the counter the nice lady asked what I was there for, confirmed we would have to order a new one from Manila, and proceeded to get the model number from me. She looked it up, said it would cost P968 (slightly less than $25) and be here in less than a week. I filled out some paperwork, gave her half down and waited while she made my change.

The other customer service rep had completed her transaction and kept me busy with the usual small talk – where you from, family here, are you married, etc. She was pleasant and friendly. Back came the first lady with my change, my copies of the paperwork and I was on my way. It couldn’t have taken more than 15 minutes.

Within 3-4 days I got a text saying my remote was in already. Quicker than advertised (always a good service technique). I was not able to get there for a few days but when I did the remote was there, and again to my surprise, was P200 less than they had quoted.

So they told me it would take longer and cost more, and when it got here sooner and cheaper, they had a very happy customer. Combine that with the short wait and the friendly service, well I just don’t see that here very often. It’s not all that common in the US anymore either.

So the next time I’m with a bunch of people complaining about the service here, I’m going to remember this good one and try to pass it along. Kudos to the Samsung Customer Service Pazla on Quirino!!

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  1. Gary permalink
    May 23, 2013

    Great news Randy. I had the remote die on my CD-R King TV. No repair. Ordered a new remote and now after a year waiting still no remote. The TV still works great just have to use the buttons on top of the set.

    Never buy cheap batteries!!! They melt and ruin your remote… :-(

    Gary in Tagum City

    • May 23, 2013

      Ive decided, whenever reasonably possible, to try to buy Samsung products here. They are readily available, you don’t pay a premium versus US prices, and they have service centers here. That combination puts them at the top my list when looking for new electronics and appliances.

      So far we have a laptop, television, washing machine and blu-ray player from them. I’m sure there will be more as other things break :)

  2. Jamie permalink
    May 23, 2013

    Glad to hear about your good experience with Samsung. Good info to have.

    • May 23, 2013

      Glad that I had the opportunity to write about a good experience. Sometimes I feel I’m not being objective.

  3. May 24, 2013

    I’m glad you found a good place to do business. It’s always good to have good customer service. We’re coming to the Philippines next month and then off to Cambodia in July to teach. I sent you a pm.

    • May 24, 2013

      Hi Kevin,

      Good to hear from you. Great that you’re coming soon and good news that you got the teacher job in Cambodia. Too bad it wasn’t here, but closer :)

      Where did you send the PM? I haven’t seen it.

      Give me a shout when you are here.

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