Filipina Self Portrait Photo Phenomenon{8}

Filipina Self Photo

I suspect most of you have a Facebook account. At the very least, even if you refuse to partake in that social giant, you’ve seen it and discussed it. You’ve therefor undoubtably seen a few photos posted there. Some of your “friends” may even post quite a few. Facebook isn’t the only platform for this though. There are a lot of them.

Flickr used to be be quite popular, but it seems the latest venues are things like Instagram, Pinterest and even a number of ones dedicated specifically for showing photos on Twitter. Yes, there are any number of ways to get your photos published. And when I say “your” photos, I mean photos of you.

It appears to me that this trend of posting photo after photo of yourself is far more popular to Filipina than any other country’s young ladies. Maybe they are just ahead of their time, much like they were with texting. Because in the case of texting, the rest of the world has only finally caught up to that sensation that has been so popular here for nearly a decade.

I noticed this taking photo after photo of oneself originally with my first filipina wife. It always struck me as odd that she would spend hour after hour taking photos of herself. I always wondered what she would do with those. Along came Facebook and solved that problem. Though in her case, she seems to have outgrown that? Since I’ve moved here, and subsequently gotten many more filipina friends (mostly relatives for those wondering) on Facebook, I’ve learned that this phenomenon was not exclusive to my ex-wife, but is something that borders on viral here in the Philippines.

It seems they love photos in general. If you go out, you will see group after group taking turns shooting various shots of the great time they are having. If you pay more attention you will also see them sneaking in shots of themselves. Sometimes blatantly and sometimes not. By far the largest percentage of these self photos seem to be done at their home though. A webcam is a popular instrument for that activity, but the cell phone, in particular the smartphone, is the gadget of choice these days. Having a nice mirror doesn’t hurt, but most are quite skilled at pointing the cam/phone at themselves to get the perfect shot. Trust me, they have lots of practice.

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I like to see pictures of friends as much as anybody. I’m not so sure I need to see 20-30 slight alterations of the same facial pose, but maybe thats just me. Maybe their younger friends, boyfriends, and potential boyfriends are the target. Maybe they are interested in seeing an unlimited number of self poses, updated every hour or so, so that they can see the changes transpiring in their lives.

I really don’t have the answer as to why this is so popular with the young ladies here. Are they really vain, insecure, trying to compete with their friends that are doing it? Honestly, I don’t know but it makes me wonder. Enough so that I thought to write this article about it.

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this and get your opinion on what is going on with this. Like I mentioned, I saw some of that in the States, but no where near to the extent it is here. What do you think it’s all about?