In my month in a half of living in the Davao area I’ve spent a good deal of time getting settled, which included locating things to get set up with and finding things that I’ll need on a continuing basis. I’ve done a quite a bit of running around from one place to another looking for that special item, which often turns into trying to locate any suitable substitute at all.

I’ve been surprised as to what I’ve been able to find here in Davao, both pleasantly and disappointed. From my perspective there doesn’t always seem to be good reason why something is not available here. My perspective is skewed from a foreigner’s eyes though.

I haven’t found a good online or hard copy directory that I can use as a resource. Even the mighty Google has been no help in most cases. It seems that you can find bits of information here and there, but there’s nothing consistent or reliable to turn to. Asking advice can also be very useful, or quite the opposite, sending you down complete wrong paths. No, for the most part you are on your own.

Since many of the items I’m searching for could potentially be useful to others, I’ve decided to start a little micro blog on my findings. Where To Find It – Davao is in fact the name of it. I’m using the Tumblr WordPress format for this little venture. I’ve not tried Tumblr before, and it looked like the right platform for such a project. So far I find Tumblr much more difficult to deal with than I had anticipated but that’s another story. (edited – moved to WordPress)

There are also many items that I’m looking for that will hold no interest to others but I’m focusing on the things I want at this time. I have added a place where someone can ask me a question – “ask me where to find it.” So far I’ve had no takers, and that’s just fine as I’m still have plenty of things I’m searching for. There is no guarantee that I can find an item, either.

Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards

Since most places here don’t have addresses, I’ve added a link to a map of the area where the item can be found. So far that’s a lot of malls, but I expect that might change over time as I locate the more obscure business, such as the Deep Indian Grocery where I found some dried garbanzo beans. Still, I’m trying to keep it simple and as basic as possible.

To date I have things like acoustic guitar strings (had to be special ordered), restaurants, grocery items, health foods, vitamin, etc. I’m really just getting started, and hope to eventually have enough items on there to make it worthwhile for someone looking for that particular thing that may be hard to come by in Davao. Of course, keeping it up to date would be next to impossible. I’ve already noticed things being “out of stock, sir” since I’ve posted them.

Davao is a rapidly growing and progressing city. I see that just in the short time I’ve been coming here. When it comes some things though, they are still behind even their bigger sister, Manila. Sometimes that can be a good thing though.