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The Venue Party Boat

2012 July 8

PartyBoat596 The Venue Party Boat

I encountered an interesting sight recently while taking the ferry to and from Samal Island. Docked at the Sasa Wharf was a brightly colored boat painted with “Party Boat” on the side. Upon further examination you could see that it was run by The Venue.

The Venue has quite a reputation in and around Davao as a great place to party and meet people. I’ve never been there myself, and I’m not even sure if it is still open. Seems I heard something to that effect. Possibly this is the replacement.

The cruising boat is advertised as the first of it’s kind in Davao City.

The Venue Party Boat is Davao’s first and only party boat cruising the Davao gulf on weekends. It features 3 floors of dining options- a buffet restaurant, a grillery and a coffee shop. The boat may be chartered for special activities on weekdays for a minimum amount.

I had the pleasure? to see and hear it from our overnight stay at Chemas By the Sea Resort. They have a nice launch walk area, and I was able to venture out to the end of it to see what all the noise was about. At first I couldn’t figure out where the disco music was coming from, but after I located the boat, I then recalled seeing it at the dock when coming in.

According to their website they have regular cruises of the Davao Gulf on the weekends, and you can charter it for a variety of events during the week. They also sponsor a number of special events that you can avail of.

For those of you that are looking for the something out of the ordinary, and would like to take in the beauty of the Davao Gulf and Samal Island, this might well be worth a try.

The Venue Party Boat
Samal Ferry Wharf
Km 11 Sasa, Davao City
Phone (082) 227-5055, and (082) 275-8273
Mobile +63 (918) 935-4278

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