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Samal Island Among The Philippines’ Best

2012 May 6

Top Ten596 Samal Island Among The Philippines Best

According to CNNGo Samal Island’s beaches are among the 10 best in the Philippines. Having not been to many others, it’s difficult for me to say. Having been to Samal Island many times, I would have to say that I am not surprised one bit that they are on the list. It would be hard to believe there is much nicer out there.

So what are the Top Ten beaches in the Philippines (according to CNNGo)?

They don’t really indicate if this list is from best to worst, but that’s the impression given:

    1. El Nido, Palawan

    2. Boracay, Aklan

    3. Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

    4. Panglao, Bohol

    5. Bantayan Island, Cebu

    6. Caramoan, Camarines Sur

    7. Samal, Davao

    8. Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte

    9. Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

    10. Pagudpud/Bangui, Ilocos Norte

There are a few on that list that I’d like to visit some day. Boracay is not high on my places to see, but many have told me that it is one of their favorites. Maybe I will have to make the trip and see for myself.

The second page of the article has directions on how to get to each destination. Typically, for Samal Island it’s pretty vague.

There is a small write up of each location, so please visit the article if you are interested in finding out more about what else the Philippines has to offer. I just wanted to point out what is obvious already to those that love Samal – it has some of the best beaches in the Philippines.

It’s great to see Samal Island get some well deserved recognition. With articles like this it will not remain a secret too much longer, if it even is still.

Thanks to Macky for the heads up on this one. I always appreciate it.

The Philippines' best beaches and islands |

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7 Responses leave one →
  1. May 6, 2012

    Hi Randy, To be perfectly honest Boracay Island is beautiful island. If one is into the sight seeing by day and party island style then Boracay Island is a good place to be. However it has become way to commercial for my taste. is a good sight for things to do and see and they also can help keep your overall cost down. I think everyone needs to see Boracay Island before it is gone. I fell in love with Samal Island for the sheer beauty of the island, beaches, peace, family oriented. Not much for the night life other then the resorts and that is limited. I’m not much into the night life, however Samal could use more entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Having been to Samal Island over the past two years and for a odd reason I feel the island call me when I am their, just can’t get enough of Samal. Samal has so much to offer from the white sands and to the friendly people truly is one of the top 10 places to go.

    • May 6, 2012

      Hi Matthew – I’m quite sure Boracay is, or has been, a great place.

      I’m definitely not into the night life. The reports I heard of Boracay in regards to how crowded it is, and how trashed it has become are the main reasons I’ve not had a great desire to visit.

      Like I said, I probably will at some point, and quite possibly since I’m not expecting as much I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      As with you, I like the peaceful beauty of Samal. That’s more my style.

  2. Eddie permalink
    May 7, 2012

    Hi Randy,

    This is a good article and proud to have Samal recognized as a top 10 best beach and island destination in the Philippines. Me and my wife were in El Nido, Palawan this past November and I agree with the #1 ranking. We thought that weve visited some beautiful beaches and islands before, but El Nido tool my breath away with it’s uninhabited islands so beautiful and prestine.

    Can’t wait to go home again.


    • May 7, 2012

      Hi Eddie – thanks for the recommendation of El Nido. I’ll have to put that on my plans to see (someday).

      Yes, it’s great that Samal Island got some recognition, but as I said, I’m not surprised.

  3. Eddie permalink
    May 7, 2012


    BTW we may have past by your area while me and my wife was on vacation. We did a 3500 mile road trip from southern California to Vacouver Canada last month. Stopped in Northern Ca, Oregan, Wasington state on our way to Vancouver.


    • May 7, 2012

      You probably passed through on I-5, going through Seattle. We are on the other side of the state, but only about 4 – 5 hours away.

      I still make it over that way a few times a year as I have family there, and that’s where I’m from.

      That’s quite a trip you took. I hope you had enough time to be able to enjoy it.

  4. Eddie permalink
    May 8, 2012

    Yeah, we took Hwy 101 going to Vancouver and took I-5 on our way home. It was a 2 week holiday and had plenty of time to visit the city and interesting tourist sites.

    I agree I’m also not surprised with Samal being ranked in the top 10. Samal is such a special island and I don’t want to see the charm of the island disappear because of over tourism. I like being able to walk from our house into Babak and enjoy the small town atmosphere that I remember as a kid.

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