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Massage – My Treat to Myself

2012 May 14
by Randy C

PhilippineMassage596 Massage – My Treat to Myself

Massage parlors are everywhere in the Philippines. Additionally, everyone knows a masseuse, or two. The cost for a massage is incredibly low, if compared to a similar service in the States, as are all things service related (this is really where the cost of living differs IMO).

The trick is to find a good one, because the training varies from none at all to quite extensive. If she happens to be cute, that doesn’t hurt either, but be sure she is asawa approved, or you may be looking for new one soon (masseuse and/or asawa) and dealing with tampo or worse in the meantime.

I like to get a massage every day or so while I’m vacationing in the Philippines. I can usually do that for the cost of one or two massages here. It is my treat to myself, as I can easily justify this small expense during that time. I don’t even consider this luxury when at home.

I don’t know how often I’ll treat myself once I retire and move there. I’ll be on a budget, and suspect that the novelty will wear off to some degree. I’d guess that I’ll find one that will come to the balay. Possibly a weekly service to keep the old muscles functioning properly.

Though I’ve not visited a parlor that performs services/favors beyond the massage (to my knowledge), I am aware that they exist. That’s true here where I live, and I would bet just about anywhere in the world if one were to seek that out. I’ve never been approached for anything other than the massage, but maybe that’s because I usually have a chaperone with me. Preventative medicine, so to speak.

MassageParlor 150x150 Massage – My Treat to MyselfThere is a new massage parlor very near where I’ll be staying on my current visit. I’ll be trying them out as soon as I’ve settled. I really hope they are reasonable and have good service, as it would be very convenient for me.

***Because I started this article before I left, but have since arrived to Davao, I’d had chance to try the new parlor. My initial impression is good. I really like the decor and service is attentive. I’m not sure about the massage itself just yet. It was done very well, but I don’t know if I felt much benefit.

Funny, to me at least, it was the first time I’ve had a massage in the Philippines performed by a male. So much for the potential cute girl problem.

I wish them the best of luck, as it is obviously owned by someone that cares.

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4 Responses leave one →
  1. Eddie permalink
    May 18, 2012

    Hey Randy,

    Your are absolutely correct about massages in the Phil’s. When me and my wife visit back home we make it a priority to gift ourselves with as many massages while on vacation. You can find a good masseuse or hilut place in Davao anywhere you go in the city.

    My sister in-law usually knows the best places to go in the city and usually plan it out as a day trip. You also can’t beat the prices they charge vs. in the states. You can’t find a masseuse here in the states that charges 500 pesos for a 2 hour massage.

    Have fun in Davao, can’t wait to be back home.


    • May 18, 2012

      Hi Eddie – I see more and more as I look around. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish businesses here the way they are bunched together and with the signage.

      It’s more trial and error for me, as I don’t know the best ones. The closest one is always my first choice.

  2. Eddie permalink
    May 24, 2012

    I’ll ask my wife and sister in-law where we had our massages. They were very good and would go back in a heart beat

  3. May 24, 2012

    Thanks, Eddie. It’s always good to have options.

    I’ve been to the one near me 4 times now. They are really very service oriented, which I find refreshing here. The massage is different than what I am used to, but very consistent between masseuses. They seem to focus quite a bit on the legs, and my back and neck area are where I really feel benefit. I’ll definitely keep using them, as the are really nice and close, too.

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