The Blogging Expats{6}

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Does it seems like every expat has a blog? Maybe it’s a requirement, that small legalese hidden at the bottom of the visa documentation. Maybe they (we) are all so bored that they (we) feel the only real contact with the rest of the world is this outlet.

No, I think the reason MOST expats, or 90% of any blogger for that matter, blogs is very simple.

It’s about the money. Not the actual money, because most make very little, but the perceived potential for earning money. I know it’s difficult to believe that someone might be motivated by money, but I’m afraid it’s true.

When I retire I’d like to earn a little extra income, too. Not to the extent that it’s my main income, but something above my living expenses. Doing so online appeals to me, and evidently to many others. Blogging is one option.

Since I’ve been blogging for four years now (wow, really?), I’ve, to some degree, figured out what I might need to do if I want to earn more money blogging. In case you are wondering, writing for this blog is not it.

I do plan to keep writing for this blog, and even possibly split it off. This blog will undoubtably always be more of a work of love, than an income maker. That’s fine. If I do other blogs, I’ll need to make some income from them, or frankly they won’t be worth the effort. Not that I will have so many more important things to do, but I don’t want the burden of feeling like I’m tied to that anchor.

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I also don’t want to continue down the same path that so many others are already doing. Some very well by the way. No, if it isn’t something at least a little different, I don’t see the purpose. I don’t see any ebooks in my future, but I reserve the right to change my mind ;-)

The nice thing about blogs is that it’s easy to get set up and going. If it doesn’t pan out, you aren’t really out much, except some of your time. I imagine I will try a few different ideas, expecting failure with some, if not all. That’s OK, it’s all part of the process.

I’ll see where it all goes. Maybe this will be all I ever do in the writing/blogging realm, or maybe I’ll tire of this, too. Lots of adventures left (at least I hope so), and it’s difficult to know where it will lead. That’s what keeps us going though.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep trudging along with an occasional post of varied relevance.