I’ve been really stressed lately. Lots of those large life events happening at the same time, and though I think I’m getting through them fairly well, I can feel the stress and what it’s doing to me, both outward and inward. I hesitate to write about this because quite frankly everybody has their own challenges. Many much greater than mine. I understand that.

As much as I want to believe that many of these stresses will be gone once I’ve retired and move to the Philippines, I know that the reality is they will be replaced with new ones. In particular the adaptation to a new country and culture very different than what I have known for the 57 years of my existence. I have an idea of how I will try to cope with that.

I want to look into practicing meditation.

This is something that I’ve considered for a long time, but never pursued. I have a fairly hyper sensitive personality, at least at times, and I have no desire to try counter that with drugs (prescribed). I have on occasion, in the past, tried a few things, but for the most part what I need to do is slow down, specifically my thinking or worrying, whichever way you want to state it.

The Bikram yoga that I started really helped that area. Unfortunately I have fallen off the wagon with my practice, as I have been overwhelmed with things that I’ve been doing, and it was clear what the priorities were, for this period of time anyway. I WILL get back with my yoga, as the benefits are clear to me.

I’ve searched around for meditation in Davao and did not find much. There seems to be a Zen practice that is done at someone’s residence. I thought I remembered that the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple offered meditation, also, but I will need to check on that again. I believe that would be my preference, as just being in that temple is very soothing in and of itself.

I know some of these things – yoga, meditation – are not for everyone. We each have to find what works for us. I think that the practice could have great benefits for me, especially in helping me cope with the adjustments that I will be making there. If it can help be be more patient and calm, that will go a long way towards my dealing with the (many) things that I know are going to upset me.

If you know of a mediation center in Davao, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll report back after I’ve looked into it in my upcoming trip.

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