Shop Maintenance

2011 October 2

JtS Shop Maintenance596 Shop Maintenance

Well this will have to serve as my post this week, because of the need to have spent so much time on this unplanned project.

The Journey to Samal Shop is offline, or under going maintenance.

If you try to access it the message should say something like this :

We are currently performing some scheduled maintenance.
We will be back as soon as possible. Please check back soon.

I wasn’t planning on spending the weekend rebuilding the shop, but the version of Zen Cart that I was running was not only older but getting quite troublesome. Mulitple server changes didn’t seem to help the issue, as it seemed that certain files were difficult to change, etc.

Anyway, I decided to move everything over to OpenCart, which is what I had to planned to do “someday”. OpenCart is an open source ecommerce shopping cart system that is much easier to use and configure (compared to Zen Cart), at least for someone like me that hasn’t spent the time to know these programs in and out.

I have run into a little snag. Well I ran into a few, but I was able to find solutions to all except the current one. I don’t think it will keep me from putting the store back up soon, but I’ll continue to see if I can solve it before I do. OpenCart has a nice support forum that I’ve posted my issue to.

Unfortunately I haven’t added any new products to the shop. I’ve got ideas for that, too, but realistically I’ve only got so much time I can devote to this kind of stuff right at the moment. Now when I’m retired, that’s a different story, and I hope I can do more with these sites.

So that’s been my weekend and the reason for no new post other than this one icon wink Shop Maintenance

10/5/2011 Edited: For what it’s worth I think I have it working. Needs some attention  - maybe a new theme, etc. but should be functional. Let me know if you see anything out of place. FWIW the support forum provided the fix, and my many thanks to them.

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