Lon Wa Buddhist Temple (re)Visited{12}

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

I’ve spoken before about my interest in visiting the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple (also known as Long Hua Temple). Finally I had an opportunity to do so, and I was not disappointed.

Though the structure itself was fascinating, along with the many sculptures and furnishings, the tour is not an all day event. It makes a great side trip when you are in the area (near Davao Medical Center on C.P. Cabaguio Ave.), or passing by.

Upon arriving I was not certain that I was at the correct place because I could see no indication of the name Lon Wa anywhere. The security guard assured me that it was the correct place, and proceeded to act as my guide through the main hall. I was quickly informed that “no” shoes were allowed in this area.

After a brief explanation of things I was left on my own to explore the facility. There were various rooms in the building behind the main hall, and it seems there was an ongoing school on the premises. I did not pay much attention to that, but I did notice students at times while I perused the complex.

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The place was really quite simple, but at the same time very ornate. I did not take any notes, or get any kind of hand out regarding the history, though the guard was able to answer most questions (of which I’ve completely forgotten as of now). I was given a free “Be a Lamp Upon Yourself” book upon my departure. It is a brief explanation of Buddhism, and quite interesting really.

I feel the photos do best to demonstrate the temple and it’s interesting pieces. I could have taken more, but I feel like I got a good representation. It certainly is one of those places that is better to see in person. I recommend doing so if you’ve got some free time in the area.