Your choices for a retirement location are endless, money not withstanding, but living in a foreign land may not be for everyone. The Philippines, in particular, has a number of advantages over other countries for the American expat, chief among those being a large English speaking population, and comparitvely low cost of living. I feel Samal Island is an excellent choice for your retirement, if the Philippines is in fact on your list.

So what makes Samal Island such a great retirement location? Here are just a few reasons that I see:







  • A large percentage of foreigners either visit or will be living on the island soon
  • There are a lot of new high end resort subdivisions being developed with a variety of amentities
  • Plenty of raw land available, if you don’t want to live in a gated community
  • Close proximity to Davao and all it has to offer – malls, restaurants, attractions, markets, etc.
  • Beautiful beaches and wildlife
  • Great outdoor adventure sports/activities including scuba diving, sports and hiking
  • A laid back and still natural environment
  • Friendly filipino neighbors

There are a lot of factors with which to figure before making such an important decision to live outside of your home land. Visas, taxes, income, health care, relatives, etc. Some of these are fairly easy to discuss and determine what is best, and others are not. The adjustment to any new place, but especially a foreign land, is difficult at best. To consider such a move without a lot of research and visits is not in anyones best interests.

I will discuss the various pluses and minuses of some of these issues in future articles, and why Samal Island is our choice for our future retirement home. For now welcome to my new blog. Maybe you, too, will consider retirement there!

Note: this is an article I wrote for another blog that I was hoping to maintain. So far it hasn’t happened, so I decided to re-post here.

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