Okay, this may not be the ultimate Top Ten Things To Do in Davao, but it is MY list for my next trip to Davao.

I have visited Davao several times previously, and when I go this year that will be my fourth. All my trips have had commitments, and time constraints, that have kept me from getting to know the area as well as I’d like. My last trip I wanted to get to know Samal Island better, but I only had a week total for vacation. This time I’ll have two weeks, and I intend to spend time exploring Davao and the surrounding area as much as possible.

I can cross a few things off my list, such as the Crocodile Park, because I’ve done that, but some of the others will be repeats of places that I did not fully have enough time for previously.


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  1. Bankerohan Market – yes, I went there last year, but that only whetted the appetite, so to speak. I really enjoyed this market, and want to spend more time exploring the ins and outs. You can bet I’ll be getting a sikwate at the Del Mar Cafeteria, as well as learning more about the local fruits and vegetables. It will be another opportunity to practice my Bisaya, too.
  2. Buda/Bukidnon – I’ve been wanting to go to the Bukidnon area for a few years now. This time I will. It is very high on my list. Possibly I will only go to Buda, but we’ll see if I venture on to Valencia, or even further. I have a feeling that I’m really going to like this region, and I hope I’m not disappointed.
  3. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple – I’m not really sure why I’m so fascinated with this temple. I mean, we have temples here and I’ve never been to them. Maybe just the fact that it is so unique in that area of other strong religious beliefs?
  4. Samal Island – well I can’t stay away from Samal completely for a whole trip, but I will probably only spend a night there this time. If I end up with more time than I anticipate, I’ll certainly look at spending a few days at a relaxing and secluded resort.
  5. Abreeza Mall – this new mall may or may not be open when I visit, but it has produced a lot of hype already. If nothing else, it is suppose to house the first Starbucks in the Davao region. There are many high end specialty stores expected there, too, including a rumored Mexican restaurant! I don’t like to spend all my time in malls, but this one seems to be worth checking out.
  6. Eden Nature Park – this likely needs no introduction to those familiar with Davao. It is one of the top attractions in the area. Located outside of Toril, this 80 hectare nature park has a lot to offer from natural settings, adventure activities, cultural history, to overnight accommodations and more. Looking forward to spending a full day there.
  7. People’s Park – another well known stop off in Davao is the 4 hectare park that was built on the old PTA grounds. Featuring an estimated 1,101 species of plants and trees from the rainforests of the Philippines, Southeast Asia , Australia, New Guinea, South and Central America, and Africa and Madagascar, there are also fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and a fantasy-themed park with large sculpture by the Mindanaon artist Kublai Millan symbolizing indigenous groups from Mindanao.
  8. Malagos Farmhouse – I don’t eat meat, but I do have a fondness for cheese. Most of the cheese that I’ve run into the area, wouldn’t excite me much. I understand that Malagos Farmhouse has some very nice cheeses, and as a bonus they have tablea as well.
  9. PowerHub – though I don’t expect to see anything new or different here, I want to check out this Apple retail store. I don’t see me using anything but Macs until they day I no longer can. Maybe I’ll buy them at PowerHub, and maybe not, but I would like to forge a relationship with an Apple retailer there, and they look to be a strong possiblity.
  10. BDO/ONB banks – yes this is not very exciting for most tourists, but as my potential retirement home I’d like to look further into the banks there. I’m particularly interested in the kind of accounts they have, the interest rates paid, how difficult it is to convert USD to PhP, the rates paid, and the use of credit cards/debit cards. In general, I want to start to get an idea of how and where I might bank when I live there.

So that’s the list for now. I reserve the right to change my mind, and of course it isn’t all that I expect to do. I also wish to see old friends, and hopefully make some new ones. I’d like to have a Bisaya lesson or two, try some different restaurants, take in as many massages as I can, etc. I can’t wait to get back to Davao and Samal Island.

Photo credit: The Longest Way Home