As I wrote the title of this article it occurred to me that I could be writing about any number of things. A whole lot has happened in my life since I started this blog three years ago, as I suspect would be true with any of you reading this. Time certainly has a way with us. Not always our way, or they way we expected it to be. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that not much I’ve learned is new except possibly to me.

But the funny thing that happened that I’m referencing in this case is the readership of my blog. I’ve known for some time now that a large percentage of those visiting are from the Philippines. That is not what I expected (if I even had any expectations) when I started this site. I figured that others in my situation of wanting to retire in the Philippines would be interested in the trials and tribulations of my journey to get there. I quickly realized that information about Samal was somewhat scarce, at least back then, so it became a combination of the two. At least from the angle that I am writing.

Recently I’ve reviewed my statistics (thank you Google Analytics) and found that the percentage of visitors from the Philippines had risen to an unbelievable 80% of all those coming to my site. 80% of that 80% are from Davao. Maybe you are not surprised, as this is a blog mostly about an island off the shores of Davao City, but I was sure surprised that it was that high. It made me think and evaluate to some extent. Of course, I must also remember that is just a snapshot of time, and can easily change, but the percentage is very high regardless.

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I haven’t really tried to change my point of reference because of this knowledge of my visitors. I’m not really sure I should. I do think that ultimately I may need to make some changes in some aspects of the site though. The Journey to Samal Shop (closed), for instance, is not really geared to the Philippines audience at all. Some of the ads are not either. Content is another story.

It’s hard to say if some of the readership from the Philippines is interested in a outsiders point of view. Just because the visitor arrives from a Philippine address does not make them pilipino necessarily, either. I don’t think I’ll change my approach that much with regards to the content of my articles, but maybe keep in mind more as I’m writing them that I am not just writing for Americans.

So you may see some changes around here over time. Then again, they might not be things that you would notice either. Either way that’s the latest on the Journey to Samal, which BTW to me has become a metaphor for my trials and tribulations to retire in the Philippines, wherever and whenever that may end up being.