Camp Holiday Resort & Recreation Area{12}

Camp Holiday Resort

The Camp Holiday Resort & Recreation Area is one of the newer resort complexes on Samal Island. Located directly off the Samal Ferry Wharf, it is situated in as convenient an area as you will find on the island.

I had the opportunity to spend a few days there late last year. I wish I had written this article sooner, as my memory would be fresher of all the details, but suffice to say that I was pleased with my stay and have given the Camp Holiday Resort a recommendation, providing this the the kind of resort you are looking for.

The accommodations at Camp Holiday consist of a hotel, private cottages, and open cottages. The hotel rooms and private cottages are fully air-conditioned, with cable television and have clean, modern bathrooms with cold & hot showers. The prices range from:

  • Day Tour – Php 80.00/person
  • Overnight – Php 150.00/person
  • Private cottage – Php 1,500.00/night
  • Hotel – Php 1,800.00/night

The rest of the complex includes the lobby, which provides free WiFi, an open dining room/common area, swimming pool and beach front with nipa huts. There is also a convenience store and gas station (PHOENIX) right around the corner from the complex that can provide most of the basic necessities you might need during your stay.

Camp Holiday Resort CottagesCamp Holiday Resort Swimming PoolCamp Holiday Resort Common AreaCamp Holiday Phoenix Gas Station

Food was available either in the dining area or in your room. I didn’t try any of the pilipino dishes, as I don’t eat meat, but I didn’t have any difficulty finding anything to eat there. I mostly had breakfast, and it was typical eggs and rice, etc. They have recently brought in pizza and were advertising that heavily. Funny though, the first time I tired to order it, they were ALL out. I did get some on another day, and it was OK. Not great but passable.

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They advertise as accepting bookings and reservations for:

  • Private Parties
  • Events
  • Company Conferences
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Live-in Seminars

It was not crowded for the most part during my stay, and I attribute that to the fact that it was the middle of the week. Not what I would expect to be their busy time. The last night I stayed they were entertaining a very large party, though. I expect that is the normal use of Camp Holiday, as it is very family and large group friendly.

I found the service at the resort to be good, though as is typical there, as little mixed. The security guard was extremely helpful, as he helped set up the mulitcab that I rented. The front desk gals, while very friendly, were lost at times with a couple of my requests. I did not fault them though, it was apparent that they were not empowered to fulfill them and were at lost of what to do. That is more of a management issue, in my opinion, and I find common wherever I go in the Philippines.

Contact information is listed in my Samal Island Resort Directory but I will give it here again for convenience:

Camp Holiday Beach Resort
Kinawitnon, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 227-5055, +63(918) 935-4278

Davao Office
Samco Bldf. F. Bangoy St. Davao City
Tel No. (082) 304-6483, Fax No. (082) 226-3683