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ONB Samal Island

2010 November 7
by Randy C

ONB596 ONB Samal Island

I had posted an article awhile back regarding the opening of an ONB Bank on Samal Island. I was really glad to hear about that, because as far as I know there are no ATM machines on Samal, and the ONB branch was to include that.

Well I’m happy to report that ONB (One Network Bank) did in fact open a branch on Samal. It opened up a little over a month ago, about a week prior to our visit there. Thanks, that was convenient icon wink ONB Samal Island It does include the noted ATM machine, but unfortunately I was unable to get it to work for me. I believe the problem I encountered had to do with my credit card, as I had difficulties with it elsewhere during the trip.

The Samal Island ONB branch is located in Babak, right off the main road going through town. I’m not sure if these roads have names, they probably do, but I was unable to catch them regardless. Since the two ferries come in near Babak, it seems a logical location for the bank. The only other option being Penaplata, really.

I saw a number of people going to the ATM while I was shooting some pictures, so I imagine it is a welcome addition there. I didn’t really see too many entering the bank itself, but it was fairly early and that may have been the reason for that.

I grabbed a few photos since this new and not very well published yet.

This is the sign from the street looking from the bank into Babak:

ONB Sign 150x150 ONB Samal Island

This is the ATM machine which is located outside of the bank on the left:

ONB ATM 150x150 ONB Samal Island

The hours of operation of this branch:

ONB Hours 150x150 ONB Samal Island

Welcome “Now Open” sign outside the main entrance gate:

ONB Now Open 150x150 ONB Samal Island

Congratlulations ONB, you are certainly a welcome addition to the growing island of Samal.

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