Coconut Water Reviews{5}

Since I’ve begun drinking coconut water before and after my Bikram yoga classes, in addition to the times I just drink it for pleasure, I’ve been on a search to find the perfect brand. In this case I describe perfect as good tasting and affordable.

Some of the brands I’ve tried are just not very tasty, others are just too expensive to consider using them before and after yoga. Early on I thought I found one that met the bill, but it seems to have been taken off the market as near as I can tell.

All things being equal I’d opt for an organic version, but things are equal and there is only brand of organic coconut water that I’ve been able to locate. That one didn’t pan out for me.

Here’s my brief review of the brands that I’ve tried and my current selection(s):

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  • Zico – this was one of the first brands that I tried and I thought it was decent but fairly expensive. They have since repackaged these (I believe they were at least partially bought out by Coca-Cola?) and the new formulation is from concentrate, and tastes like it. A NO GO for me.
  • Taste Nirvana Real – this comes from a company that makes several versions, many that are available in Asian Markets. Unfortunately those contain added sugar and preservative. The version that I like is the Real Coconut Water and I’ve found it at health food stores or co-ops, sans sugar or preservatives. This is by far the best tasting coconut water that I’ve found. They advertise that the you ng coconuts are from Thialand, accounting for the better taste. It’s biggest drawback is the small size (9.5 ounces) and therefor cost per bottle. When I just want a refreshing drink, I go for this one.
  • Naked – this is a fairly new one in our market from a well known juice company. I haven’t brought myself to try this, as I just can’t justify the cost. It may be the best out there, but I’m not paying that much for a coconut drink. Sorry Naked!
  • Nature Factor (Organic Young) – this is the only organic brand that I could find. It comes in a small can (10 ounces), and I found a source where I could secure these for a reasonable price. The problem is I can’t take the taste. At first it wasn’t too bad but the more I tried it the less I enjoyed it. It just wasn’t what I wanted to refresh before and after my yoga. I still applaud them for going to market with an organic product.
  • One – this seems to be the most readily available brand in our area. Almost everyone carries it. It’s not the highest priced, but it is in the high end. The flavor is OK but nothing to write home about. I avoid this one, unless I can find nothing else, as it has nothing to offer.
  • Harvest Bay – this was my original favorite. Decent taste and a very reasonable price. It was also pretty easy to find, at least for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden it was disappearing from selves and then completely went off the market. It appears the company has either gone out of business or discontinued this altogether. Too bad really.
  • C20 – this came to our market, then seemed to be out of stock and now back again. I didn’t pay much attention at first, because after I tried it, I couldn’t find it stock again. Well I’m glad it’s back and seems to be gaining shelf space around town. There’s a good reason for that, as it is a very good tasting coconut water and it’s a good value. It comes in a large can (17.5 ounces), and doesn’t cost any more than most of the much smaller tetra-pak brands. This is my current GO TO brand, and I plan to buy it by the case to save even more.
  • Vita Coco – tried this once on a visit to Tucson. I don’t see it available in my market. I didn’t care for the taste at all, it was probably the least desirable tasting coconut water that I’ve tried. The cost was similar to the others. I see no reason to pursue this one.
  • Amy & Brian – comes in can same size (17.5 ounces) as the C20. It’s a little more expensive and to me didn’t have nearly the the taste. It would do in pinch, but it’s not carried by many locations here.


The best tasting coconut water I’ve found is the Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water. A small amount in a glass bottle, but worth it if taste is what matters most.

The best value is the C20, which comes in the 17.5 ounce can. I have to wonder if this would taste as good as the Taste Nirvana if it, too, came in a glass bottle. If you are looking to buy a lot of coconut water, I believe this is your best bet.