JtS Update – Server Move, Holiday, etc.{0}

Just a quick update to let you what’s going on here.

Sometime last week, not sure exactly when, the server that I was on was moved. I was a client of a Virtual Private Server and my host decided to move for reasons that are beyond this article. Suffice to say that he decided to move to a Developer VE Server, and I’ll let you read all the details, for those of you that understand that stuff.

I consider myself fairly technical, but I guess that’s all relative. When it comes to things like this, I get over my head pretty quick. I don’t know all that RT had to go through to get things working for him and everyone else, but I do know what things we’ve been dealing with for my site.

You may have noticed the lack of the JtS Shop working (more likely you didn’t ;-) , some strange characters in the text, and my lack of responding to email. All those issues seem to be resolved at this point.

In addition to the server move and issues, I’ve been out of town. I haven’t really had the time, or the access, to check the site out further than the obvious. I’ll try to do that as the week goes on. If anyone sees anything unusual, please feel free to let me know.

During this time I was spending the holiday weekend at my mom’s in Tucson. The idea was that I’d update her computer to a newer operating system, that among other things would allow me to help her remotely via screen sharing. That plan didn’t go exactly as I had figured.

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It’s probably a good thing I went down, because it ended up that her hard drive failed. I probably helped it along with the install, but it definitely is gone. It took about 24 hours with Diskwarrior to figure out that it wasn’t going to come back, but I was able to save almost all of the important data.

I managed to get her back and running again, but she’s booting off an external drive. The iMac that she has is not something that is easy to replace an internal drive, not by any stretch of the imagination. That coupled with the time restraint I was working within required the external drive band aid.

That alone would have been enough, but for some reason the large update files were failing when downloading, and they were taking between 1.5 & 2 hours to download. After about 4 of those failing, I had to find another way. I was finally able to download those overnight to my MacBook and transferred over that way.

So this is just my post to tell you why I didn’t post this week. I expect to get back on track next week. I also plan to start my Bisaya lessons back up. But you can see how my plans have gone recently.