Head Shaving Clippers | Oster Classic 76{1}

Oster Classic 76 head shave

When I was younger, and it became apparent that I was balding in some manner, I always felt that I would shave my head when it got to the point of no return. My older brother has a similar hair loss pattern, and we both agreed that the best way to handle it was to shave it. Mind you this was probably the late seventies when having these discussions. A shaved head was not the common thing that you see now a days.

Well my brother followed through with that. He’s been shaved for quite a long time now. I can’t even remember when. I on the other hand was never able to pull the trigger. Oh, I had my hair cut short, very short on occasion, but never really all the way. The reasons for that are various, but the two most prominent are that I didn’t feel it was quite acceptable for work, and more importantly, I didn’t want to spend the time to keep it up. There can be a bit of time involved depending on how clean you want to keep it.

Things have changed, and the shaved head look is quite popular now. Not that I care so much about the popularity, but within the working environment it is not considered extreme anymore. That’s been true for some time, but I still had the issue of the time it would take to care for it.

My solution has been to purchase some professional head shaving clippers, the Oster Classic 76. These clippers aren’t strictly for shaving your head, as you will see them used in barbershops all over.

The Oster Classic 76 has detachable metal blades that come in sizes from 00000 (1/125″ or 0.2mm) up to 3.75 ( 1/2″ or 13mm). You can also get a Oster Universal Comb Set, that while not as nice as the blades, will allow for greater variances in lengths.

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My clippers came with a 000 blade (1/50″ or 0.5mm). That leaves just a bit of stubble and it’s not too bad. I wanted it shorter though, so I ended up ordering the 00000, after deliberating on that or the 0000. I’m glad I went with the 00000, as it still leaves just a hint of hair. I wouldn’t mind it being even shorter, but I’m going for the convenience factor here and this works well for me, so far.

As these clippers are 120v, I’m not sure they are a great option for me in the Philippines. Then again with the cost of haircuts there, I’m not sure I’d want to cut my own hair anyway. I enjoy the experience of going to the barber, if I’m not in a hurry.

The only problem I see is the additional skin exposure to the sun. I was already exposing a lot, but head shaving obviously increases that. I’ll have to look into expanding my hat collection, as the pork pie hat is going to get quite a workout.