Another Samal Island Zipline{1}

Samal Island Zipline

The ever popular Samal Island zipline lives on. Not the same one that I’ve reported on previously. I don’t believe that one ever got back operational. This one is on the east side of the island on Kalinawan Resort.

Kalinawan Resort is an adventure resort featuring such activities as:

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ROCK CLIMBING – Are you looking for a challenge? Kalinawan’s 80-foot high and 100-foot wide natural limestone rock formation is not just there for you to ogle. Experienced climbers and first timers alike will have a blast climbing our wall. It’s a pretty intense workout! (The beginner’s side is already a challenge.) For those who looking for a supreme adrenaline rush, there are expert routes that can test the real strength of those daring enough to conquer The Rock. As a special treat, individuals who MAKE IT TO THE TOP will get:
1) An exclusive Kalinawan Felt Banner. (Something to hang on your wall.)
2) The privilege to sign a Kalinawan Banner that we’ll put on our wall of fame.
3) Bragging rights!
[Rock Climbing Gear Provided]

RAPPELLING – Still trying to gauge your ability to scale naked rock? Try going down first before heading up. Get a feel for the nooks and crannies of the rock face without having to strain a muscle! [Safety Gear Provided]

ZIPLINE – Our zipline will have your heart racing fast from beginning to end! After one ride, you’ll be craving for more. In the Kalinawan Day-Tour package, you’ll have unlimited zipline privileges, so you can enjoy the ride again and again! [Safety Gear Provided]

KAYAKING – Enjoy kayaking the whole day! Escape to the calm waters of Kalinawan and enjoy the beautiful vistas of Samal Island. [Safety Vests Provided]

SNORKELING – Kalinawan is home to many different kinds of fish, from Nemo and Dory to pink starfishies like Patrick. Spongebob? Yeah. He’s here too. Fish feeding is a relaxing thing to do while snorkeling! Be one with nature and feel the eco-vibe. It is always a treat to catch a closer glimpse of our ocean friends as they snack within the protected waters of Kalinawan. [Snorkeling Gear Provided]

DIVING – Kalinawan is home to one of the best diving spots around Samal Island! Explore the depths of the ocean and discover the beautiful views of the sea. [Interested divers must book in advance. Additional fee of 850 Php for Intro Dives.]

I’m kind of surprised I hadn’t heard of this resort previously. Being on the other side of the island, which takes a bit more effort to get to, may be part of it. From the website it’s unclear whether there is any lodging available. From what I can gather there may be some simple cottages and tent camping, but I can’t verify that.

I’ve added their contact information to the Samal Island Resorts Directory.