In a previous article, Mindanao Tourism Map, I referenced the building of a new 3-D map to help promote tourism in Mindanao. The initial version of the map was unveiled this past August at the Mindanao Travel and Tour Exposition 2009 (MTTE 2009).

The Mindanao Tourism and Transport Highway Map (MTTH), a 3-D landscaped model map of Mindanao, shows key tourism sites and the major highways, seaports and airports connecting various tourism and key destinations.

The Mindanao Tourism Map will not only help promote tourism but will help identify connectivity issues within the region. The hope is that once identified, steps can be taken to fix those and make Mindanao more a appealing place to visit for tourists.

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Samal Island is one of several points of emphasis included in the tourism map. Others being: Dakak in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, and the Agusan Marsh in Agusan del Norte.

Evidently the map is not available online yet. That’s in the plans but no specific time frame has been stated for it to happen.

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